You can play a critical role in helping children rebuild their lives and redirect their futures.

If you’re passionate, driven, and eager to make the world a better place, then we want you on our team. The dedicated coworkers at Mercy Home provide healing, guidance, and opportunity to young men and women in need.

At Mercy Home, you will have opportunities every day to help kids envision positive change — with by working directly with youth on one of our two residential campuses, through our Friends First Mentoring, or on our AfterCare team, or through work on our advancement or administrative teams that support our mission. Mercy Home offers all the support and resources you need to succeed in your career—and make a difference in the world.

Job Opportunities

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Now Hiring: Youth Care Workers

Eighth Straight is Great!

For the eighth straight year, Mercy Home was named one of the top workplaces by the Chicago Tribune.


All Mercy Home coworkers exhibit

Five core attributes that contribute to our success

Appreciation for the Catholic mission

A can-do attitude


Generosity of spirit

Quest for excellence

What Our Coworkers Have to Say about Working at Mercy Home

“As an Overnight-Youth Care Worker I am here to help our youth create an environment that will allow them to feel safe enough to allow their mind, body, and spirit to get the rest it needs to start a new day.”

“I don’t sleep, so they can.”

“Mercy Home breeds a culture of care.”

“The organization tries to model to our youth how treating someone nice with concern and respect is a small step of making a change in the world.”

“Communication is important and valued at Mercy Home. Ideas and thoughts are valued!”

“As a Youth Care Supervisor, I see myself as the link between the youth and co-workers in the home. I work with my team to establish rules, routines, and rituals for the youth in the home. I also provide supervision to the Youth Care Worker staff and ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and told to provide quality care to the youth.”

“Working at Mercy Home I am most fulfilled by the successful progress of our youth. When a youth leaves our walls with skills to make their future better than their past, I swell with pride.”

“What I like most about working at Mercy Home are the relationships that I build with the youth. Every day is not always smooth but it is so rewarding watching youth learn and grow throughout their time here.”

“Mercy Home is a very supportive community. As a Youth Care Worker, I am lucky to have a strong team around me that care about each other’s wellbeing!”

“Mercy Home for Boys and Girls-where you can be a HERO for children every day!”

“The experience of seeing growth and remarkable success from our youth is truly rewarding and one of the reasons I love working at Mercy Home!”

“Physically both the Boys Campus and the Walsh Girls Campus are beautiful. Employees are also provided an immense amount of training to support the people we work with, as well as ourselves.”

“Get curious, not furious.”

“The Mercy Home organization is very fortunate to have such a strong and stable presence throughout the Chicago based community. The resources and community collaboration that is made possible from the agency allows each program to provide full wraparound services to each youth that we serve.”

“Financial stability and wide variety of services!”

“I love that our offices are in the same building as the youth we serve. It allows us the opportunity to get to know them and encourage them on a regular basis.”

Why Coworkers Return to Mercy Home