Young men and women ages 11-21 come to live in the youth residential program at Mercy Home in pursuit of a different vision for their lives. They seek a way forward from suffering, desperation and poverty. They seek hope, opportunity, and success. In Mercy Home’s care, they are finally able to focus on school, heal from traumas of the past, feel safe and secure in a home, develop self-control, build healthy relationships, lean on others for support, and cultivate responsibility by holding a job. In short, young people come to live with us to realize their full human potential.

The struggles that our young people encounter within their families or their communities are not exclusive to any particular race, geographic region, or economic class. Ranging between 11 and 21 years old, many are middle class and suburban. But most come from troubled inner-city neighborhoods where poverty, violence, gangs and crime are every-day dangers that place extra stresses on families. These stressors can endanger a child’s health and development.

If you are a young person interested in living at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, Please call 312-738-7590.