Far too many children face limited opportunities for growth and experience repeated disappointment from adults. In response to this need in the community, we created the Friends First Mentoring Program. The program matches a child one-on-one with a well-trained volunteer mentor.

Mentoring Gives a Child Opportunities

Many underprivileged children have not ventured far outside their neighborhoods. Friends First outings range from a visit to an art museum to a stroll on a college campus to simply playing Frisbee in a park. Through connection with a trusted adult and exposure to activities, a child can develop a better vision for his or her future beyond the limited horizons that hold back far too many children.

Need a Mentor?

If you know a child in the Chicago area who could benefit from a mentor, please get in touch.

Become a Mentor

We have kids on waiting lists at this very moment who could use a mentor.

Providing a Child a Trusted Friend

Every child craves one-on-one attention. With classrooms stretched, families burdened, and after school programs cut, many children like those we serve in the Friends First mentoring program lack this needed attention. Our Friends First mentors allow a child to ask questions, share insecurities, and seek advice from a trusted Friends First mentor.

Supporting a Child’s Family

The Friends First Mentoring Program offers support and referral services to families to help address the underlying challenges that impact many of our children and families.

Our Impact

A study by Public/Private Ventures concluded that children with mentors are less likely to start using drugs or alcohol, and are less likely to skip school. And thanks to the work of our volunteer mentors, we see these successes and more in the children we serve.